Residence Pod Jankovem

A unique residential complex of 9 family houses on the outskirts of Hájek u Uhříněvsi offers design refined housing with a layout of 4 + kk. Modern houses fully ensure enough space for the whole family. Each of the houses includes a covered parking space. The property includes a spacious garden where you will be able to relax after work and your children will find a place to play. Moreover, the given place is an excellent choice for those who prefer comfortable living on the border between the city and the countryside. This also makes buying a property in this location a great investment opportunity.
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Completion date
Q2 2025
Pod Jankovem Prague 22
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Start of construction
Q2 2022
Q4 2022
Q1 2023
Q3 2023
Q2 2025

Price list

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No.TypeDispositionGarden (m2)Floor area (m2)Usable area (m2)Parking spacesPriceAvailability
AFamily house4+kk85,112196,41Available
BFamily house4+kk88,712196,41Available
CFamily house4+kk121,312196,41Available
DFamily house4+kk103,1118,4101,11Available
EFamily house4+kk97,4118,4101,11Available
FFamily house4+kk102,7118,4101,11Available
GFamily house4+kk109,7118,4101,11Available
HFamily house4+kk149,4118,4101,11Available
IFamily house4+kk348,1118,4101,11Available

BAK MORTGAGE with an interest rate of 2.89% p.a.

Take advantage of opportunity to finance a new home with a BAK mortgage and a guaranteed interest rate of 2.89% p.a.



2. DEPOSIT: 20% of the total price including VAT.

ADDITIONAL CHARGE AFTER COMPLETION: 80% of the total price including VAT, excluding reservation deposit.

PRICE WITH VAT: Price of the unit, Storage, Balcony / Garden, Parking space if assigned to the unit.

FLOOR AREA OF THE APARTMENT is the floor area of all rooms of the apartment accroding to Government Regulation No. 366/2013 Coll., including all vertical load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures inside the apartment, such as walls, columns, pillars, chimneys and similar vertical structures. The total area includes the area of the flat including furnishings and equipment. The total area does not include the area of storerooms, cellars, terraces, balconies, storages, terraces, gardens, etc.

USABLE AREA OF THE DWELLING is the area of the space defined by the inner face of the vertical structures enclosing the space.


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Hájek is an urban district located in Prague 22 - Uhříněves, on the southeastern outskirts of the capital city. The location offers much more than just pleasant living. In nearby Průhonice there is a beautiful castle surrounded by a large park, which can become the destination of your romantic walks. You can also visit the nearby ruins of Dubeč Castle. Just 6 km from Hájek is the Hostivařská dam and the largest Czech aquapark - Aquapalace Praha Čestlice. The surrounding area also offers plenty of shopping opportunities - for example, large shopping centres in nearby Štěrboholy and Čestlice. Of course, there is also the availability of all conceivable amenities. Near your new house there is a bus stop for public transport lines 209, 229, 366 and 903, with which you will be in the central part of Prague in a few minutes. It is even faster by car - the nearest metro station of line "A" in Prague-Hostivař is only 16 minutes away.

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