New living from project to realization!

How does it work? We will design and carry out the whole project including furnishing. We will cover all phases of the project, including technical supervision, works coordination and quality control; all for the sole purpose - to complete the task, meet the deadline and stay on budget to your utter satisfaction.

As a construction and development company we carry out our own projects as well as also work with clients on their dreams about living or a real estate investment.


Polska – Prague 5

    Spalena – Prague 1

      Na Brezince – Prague 5

        Krizova – Prague 5

          Zbraslav – Prague 14

            Benice – Prague 10

              Lány - Stredočeský Kraj

                Janackovo nabr. – Prague 5

                  Pivovarska - Smichov

                    Sumavska - Vinohrady

                      Predvoje - Brevnov

                        Projekt Podlesin - Kladno

                          PROJECT MANAGEMENT

                          Strategic planning and consulting, searching for the ‘customized investment’

                          Consultancy throughout business transactions

                          Creating individual feasibility study for your apartment, building or land with consideration of its best operation

                          Full project documentation

                          Construction site supervision


                          Preparation of the project concept, market analysis

                          Professional marketing, sales and rent of real estate

                          GENERAL CONTRACTOR

                          • Ground, terrain, demolition works

                          • Laying building foundations

                          • Water, sewerage, electricity, gas and heating cabling

                          • Building skeleton and masonry construction

                          • Construction of roofs

                          • Full range of interior renovation services

                          • Furnishing and Fit out

                          • Horticultural works and planting of greenery

                          • Construction of roofs

                          INTERIOR RENOVATION


                          We are a family construction company, that specializes in residential development projects. BAKDVELOPMENT aims at bringing new life to old untended properties, while adapting them to the needs of nowadays living standards. Our mission is to be a progressive property developer, who provides quality living for individuals and families by consistently monitoring and fulfilling their needs. We wish to add value to the chosen locations through integrity expressed in planning and construction. We work with passion, devotion and persistence.

                          Sometimes we step in at an early stage of property search; we coordinate the purchase transaction, planning, construction or renovation. We would say our goodbye to a client only after he moves in to his desired living or after the unit is being sold or rented. Certainly, we can start with the job at any stage and deliver only project management, rough in construction, interior works or customized furnishing.

                          Kateryna Bak


                          BAKPA INVEST s.r.o.

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